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Alliances are groups formed by players who share a common goal and seek to progress together. Each member of the alliance helps to make it progress and in return is helped as it progresses in the game. The stronger the alliance, the better bonuses and rewards will be given to its members.

An alliance's power is calculated by the cumulative sum of the power of its players. Each new alliance starts with a max total of 50 members that can join one alliance, but this number increases according to its territory and progress in its alliance research.

Alliance Bonuses[]

In addition to being able to count on partners who can protect you from attacks on your base when you are offline, the advantages of the alliance are multiple and influence your game at all levels.

Alliance Gifts[]

When an alliance member purchases a gift pack or destroyed a Raven bunker, that member can open or claim the reward which in turn rewards all members of the alliance. The alliance also receives gift contributions.

Spoils and Spoils level

When gift contributions are maxed out, members of the alliance can open spoils to obtain rewards based on the spoils level. The higher the spoils level of the alliance the higher tier of the rewards they receive.

  • Alliance Gifts and the Spoils mechanic was introduced in patch 1.01

Collecting resources[]

Searching and sending collection trucks to mines, farms or oil fields that are in your alliance territory reduces the collection time by a quarter (25%).

Some Alliance Research can further reduce your collection time if they have been unlocked in the Alliance Development tech tree.

Search Bonus[]

The alliance has four technology trees, the bonuses of which will benefit all of its members when research is developed.

  • The Development tree will grant bonuses on collections, productions, research, or recruitment.
  • The Alliance tree will help develop the alliance by allowing it to increase its number of members, territories, storage limits or construction times.
  • The Military tree will strengthen the military forces of all alliance members by granting certain combat bonuses to different units.
  • The Skills tree will help with increasing resource collection, production, and research collection.

Alliance Store[]

The alliance store received a total overhaul in Warpath patch 1.08. Now all stores have the same stock but access to that stock is dependent on research the alliance has achieved. There are currently 4 tiers of stock that can be accessed from the store.

1. All sorts of resources are available from the Alliance Store. Purchases require expending Alliance Contribution Coins. 2. Alliance Contribution Coins can be acquired in a number of different ways, including Tech Contributions, Assists, joining in Builds and collecting recourses within your alliance territory, 3. Some good from the Alliance Store can only be unlocked by carrying out relevant Alliance Research. 4. Some Store purchased are limited, but the Store is refreshed each Monday at 0:00, UTC. When refreshed, the number of purchases is restored.

Contribution Coins, or Alliance points, are the currency used at this store and can be obtained by boosting research for the currently marked research of one's alliance. Alliance points may also be randomly multiplied by x2 through x10 for additional points.

  • Tier 1 is the base stock that can accessed at the start; includes VIP points for VIP Rank, Universal coupons, rushes, and resource packs.
  • Tier 2 requires the Supplies research to access, and unlocks additional statues, supplies, and blue prints.
  • Tier 3 requires the Armory research to access, and unlocks several blue print boxes and city passes.
  • Tier 4 requires the Industrial Revolution research to access, and unlocks even more blue print boxes and silver crafting components.

Event Rewards[]

There are many events in the game, some can be completed in an alliance.

Alliance chat[]

Alliance members can chat with each other through Alliance Chat. The alliance chat is completely private and allows for the coordination of attacks, events, etc. that would otherwise be hard to accomplish without private communications between members in the alliance.

Alliance progress[]

There are many ways to participate in an alliance and some are important for its development.

Research Donations[]

In the menu Alliances -> Search Alliance, each member has 20 points of contribution to advancing a research alliance. Contribution points regenerate at the rate of 1 contribution point every 30 minutes. An icon with a thumb will indicate the research that your command wishes to develop as quickly as possible. Note that this action will also allow you to earn Commander Credits which you can exchange in the Alliance Store for supplies.

Territory Seizure[]

During an expansion phase, your alliance will build turrets or a central command on the map to expand its territory. These captures can be initiated by The leader or officers of the alliance (Rank 4). During a capture, this territory will flash on the map and the time limit for this capture will be defined by the number and level of alliance members who will have installed their base in this territory. The more members there are, the faster the capture. Placing your base in a territory during a capture also allows you to earn Commander Credits which you can then exchange in the Alliance Store for supplies.

The following conditions must be met in order to build onto your territory after a Central Command has been built.

  • If you don't have a Central Command built you will not be able to make turrets.
  • No enemies must be in the territory you plan to capture
  • The village or town must connect by roads to your Central Command without another village or town in its path.
  • If your alliance is currently building and an enemy alliance member moves to inside the territory the building will be paused until you destroy them or they move out.

Central Command and Turrets[]

Enable to build turrets you must have a Central Command in place first. You must have at least 30 members in your alliance before you can build a Central Command. A turret can be used to increase your territory size and assist in strong support so your Alliance can develop. These all need to be connected enable to build a successful territory.

Help, Suggestions and Strategies on Central Command/Turrets[]


An alliance consists of a leader, who has all the rights. The leader alone has the right to promote members to the rank of officer (rank 4 or R4) able to help keep their alliance alive. Leaders also have the ability to kick anyone they wish. The Officers (R4) are able to promote members from rank 1 (R1) - rank 3 (R3) as well as kick members. The other members of the alliance rank from rank 1 to rank 3 according to the promotions/demotions carried out by the leader and their officers.


  • Alliance leaders and officers are able to see the time elapsed since one's last connection and this is one of the first criteria when it comes to making room in the alliance for new entrants.
  • Only the Alliance leader and officers are able to build Command Centers or Turret.
  • Only the Alliance leader and officers are able to put "Markers" down that can be seen by all members.