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List of Officers available in Warpath.


Officers can be assigned to command units while in combat. There are 9 officers included in the release of Warpath (three for each playable faction) but are currently 10 officers in total as of patch 1.03. Each officer has their own unique skills to bring into combat to gain the edge in battle. These skills can also assist them with Officer Missions increasing the percentage to succeed.

As the officers win battles and complete assignments, they will level up further increasing their effectiveness by unlocking new skills that give active or passive bonuses.


Camp Liberty[]

Vanguard Division[]

Martyrs' Watch[]


Camp Liberty Officers
Randall Miller · Jack Spanner · Sharon Percy · Florence Borden · Jean Dufort (Airforce)
Vanguard Division Officers
Dorothy Rodriguez · Wilhelm Von Zeppelin · Erwin Schmitz · Doris Morgenstern (Airforce)
Martyrs' Watch Officers
Mira Volkova · Antonina Shevchenko · Valery Alexei · Ivan Andreyevich Volkov