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Raven is the main antagonistic faction of Warpath. They have taken over much of the world and are simultaneously at war with Camp Liberty, Martyrs Watch, and Vanguard Division.


Raven’s cruel and demented leader became notorious because of the economic depression Raven inflicted across the earth. Within the space of 10 years, his followers managed to overthrow governments of many nations, wreaking havoc and utter chaos.

Raven’s image was originally associated with legendary tales of military victory. However, as the rise of this totalitarian movement spiraled out of control, this barbaric army was driven by sophisticated military prowess and intense training programs to develop the finest elite soldiers. Over a period of 2 years, Raven ploughed across the earth at a horrifying pace and the flames of war were ignited in every nation. The very thought of their savage leader makes soldiers quiver in their boots.

As the flames burned out of control, cracks started to appear in Raven's command system. Their military structure was thrown into disarray, leading to a loss on the Eastern Front and failed attempts on the Western Front and the situation became exacerbated. Frustration followed as Raven soldiers became insane and sickeningly violent, killing anyone they set eyes upon. Their tradition of obsessive discipline remained, fueling greater brutality and more military might.


Raven is largely based on Nazi Germany, though heavily understated.