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VIP rank at 7

VIP rank is a tier-based reward system in Warpath that gives permanent stat increases, as well as a daily bonus chest, based on the current rank a player holds. Holding a rank of VIP also allows access to the VIP store, with the higher the rank, the more offers available.

All players effectively start at VIP rank 0, but the first rank of VIP is easy to achieve at only 200 VIP points required.

With each following rank, a new daily chest is achieved with extra rewards or entirely different rewards depending on the rank.

Increasing VIP rank[]

VIP point supply

  • VIP points can be acquired with gold at the rate of 1 gold for 1 VIP point. This is the easiest way of increasing VIP rank.
  • VIP points can be bought using various supplies from an Alliance Store. As of patch 1.08, the exchange is 30 alliance points for 100 VIP points.
  • VIP points are awarded for daily login. The bonus starts at 5 and can increase to 200 points per login.
    • Missing even a single day resets the bonus back to 5.


VIP rank is a long-term investment, the benefits of which will show up to you when you reach a high rank for your commander. In addition to the supplies, at VIP rank 4, one recruitment coupon can be claimed per day in the daily chest. These coupons will be very useful to you, even essential to strengthen your units. At rank 8, you will receive silver parts cases which are very useful for crafting the parts for your units. At rank 10, you will begin to receive Officer Statues in order to strengthen the skills of your officers.

Rank table[]

VIP rank Start End Difference Bonus
Rank 0 0 200 200 Military funds/steel/crude oil collection speed +5%
Rank 1 200 1500 1300 VIP Store access
Military funds collection +10%
Energy recovery +5%
Daily specials unlocked
Rank 2 1500 6000 4500 Steel collection +10%
+30 Unit Capacity
+50 Parts Capacity
Rank 3 6000 20k 14k Oil collection +10%
Production speed +2%
Rank 4 20k 40k 20k 3 Universal Coupon
x2 Daily Rushes
Military funds collection +15%
Energy recovery +10%
Industry Research +5%
Investments unlocked
Rank 5 40k 75k 35k Steel collection +15%
Production speed +4%
Production queue +5
Military Research +5%
Rank 6 75k 120k 45k Oil collection +15%
+50 Unit Capacity
+100 Parts Capacity
Industry Research +5%
Officer and Camp XP +5%
Rank 7 120k 180k 60k Military funds Collection +20%
Production queue +10
Military Research +7%
Unit speed +7%
Rank 8 180k 250k 70k x3 Daily Rushes
+1 Airlift
Silver Parts case
Covert Masons
Steel collection +20%
Energy recovery +15%
Covert Masons unlocked
Rank 9 250k 350k 100k 3 Camp Coupon
Oil collection +20%
Energy recovery +15%
Production speed +8%
Industry Research +10%
Officer and Camp XP +7%
Rank 10 350k 500k 150k Gold Officer Statue
Military funds Collection +25%
Base durability recovery +10%
+80 Unit Capacity
+150 Parts Capacity
Production queue +6
Military Research +10%
Rank 11 500k 750k 250k Single-tap production
Steel Collection +25%
Unit Speed +7%
Universal Durability +5%
Rank 12 750k 1m 250k Oil collection +25%
Industry Research +15%

Daily Rush Reward Limit +4

Unit Damage Inflicted +5%
Officer and Camp XP +10%

Rank 13 1m 1.5m 500k Military funds Collection +30%
Unit Capacity +100
Reserve troops +2000
Production Queue +10
Military Research +15%
Rank 14 1.5m 2m 500k Steel Collection +30%
Energy Recovery +25%
Parts Capacity +200
Unit Speed +10%
Unit Damage Reduction -5%
Rank 15 2m 3m 1m Oil collection +30%
Unit capacity +150
Parts capacity +250
x5 Daily rushes
+2 Airlifts
Reserve troops recovery rate +100%
Rank 16 3m 4m 1m Military Research +35%
Production Queue +80
Officer EXP for Officer Missions +12%
Camp EXP for Officer Missions +12%
Universal Power bonus +10%
Training speed increase +10%
Rank 17 4m 6m 2m Steel collection efficiency +35%
Unit capacity +200
Base durability +15%
Universal durability bonus +10%
Increase teleports +1
Rank 18 6m 8m 2m Oil collection efficiency +35%
Parts capacity +300
Daily rush rewards limit increased to 6
Unit damage inflicted +10%
Training speed increase +15%
Rank 19 8m 12m 4m Energy recovery speed +30%
Unit capacity +250%
Production queue +100
Unit damage suffered -10%
Recovery rate +150%
Increase teleports +2
Rank 20 12m Max - Parts capacity +350
Officer EXP for Officer Missions +15%
Camp EXP for Officer Missions +15%
Airlift limit +3
Universal Firepower bonus +20%
Universal Durability bonus +20%
Training Speed increase +20%


  • Ranks 16 through 20 where introduced in patch 1.06 but are still currently locked from being acquired.