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Redundancy and repetition[]

  • Redundancy and repetition should be avoided. There should only be a single article (or section of an article) where a given topic is presented in full detail. Other pages should link to the page with the details instead of repeating them.
  • Only information that is directly relevant to the subject of a given article should be included in that article.


  • Article and category names should be as precise and at the same time as short as possible.
    • For characters, titles and ranks should not be included in the article title. For example, if a character is called "Adjutant Percy," the article should be named "Sharon Percy." Full names are preferred if possible.
  • Article names should not be overcapitalized.
    • If it's not clear whether a name is a proper name or a common one, naming should be discussed and decided on a case by case basis.
  • If the spelling used on the wiki is different from the in-game spelling, a redirect from the in-game spelling should be created.
  • Names should generally be singular (i.e. "Churchill tank", not "Churchill tanks").
  • Category names should generally be plural unless this is an awkward name or grammatically incorrect.


  • All content pages (articles and files) should belong to at least one category which is not a maintenance category.
  • A content page should be placed in all the categories to which it logically belongs.
  • A content page should be placed in only the most specific category (or categories) out of a given branch of the category tree.
E.g. The M18 Hellcat should have the categories Category:Camp Liberty units and Category:Tank destroyer units
  • An article should always be categorized by characteristics of the topic, not characteristics of the article. A character article that contains descriptions of bugs, for example, does not belong in Category:Bugs.
  • An article should never be left with a non-existent (red link) category on it. Either the category should be created (most easily by clicking on the red link), or else the link should be removed or changed to a category that does exist.
  • User pages should not be placed in content categories. They may be placed in certain categories that explicitly allow doing so, otherwise, they should remain uncategorized.

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