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Minimum requirements[]


  • Video should be recorded at the highest quality possible, but never less than Full HD (1080p).
  • Video must use the medium. This means video that is simply audio over non-specific footage is not permitted.
    • The exception to this is where a video service is being used as a surrogate audio service. A static image or waveform visualization video is permissible in these cases.


Audio should be recorded at not less than CD Quality (44,100 samples per second, 16 bits per sample, Mono or Stereo is acceptable).

Video that contains repeating audio is not acceptable unless this is the normal in-game sound recorded along with the vision.

The following audio is permitted:

  • A single narrator (with no other sound)
  • The normal ambient sound of the game.
  • In-game dialogue (with any other non-ambient sound, suppressed)

A single video can alternate between these as long as only one of the aforementioned options is audible at any moment.

Narration should be at a natural or slow pace by a fluent or native English speaker.

Video content guidelines[]

The below requirements are the standards we expect the average video to comply with. Although it is not strictly required to strictly meet every point of these guidelines, all video should be broadly consistent with these guidelines.

Where a video demonstrates how to deal with a particular problem:

  • If there is only one solution to a particular problem, then that solution can be shown
  • Where there are two solutions to a particular problem, then unless a video outlining the other solution exists (or will be produced imminently), both solutions must be shown
  • Where there are three or more solutions to a particular problem, it is permissible to demonstrate just one as long as all other solutions are at least referenced or name checked (except where video exists, or will imminently be produced, for all other solutions).

Glitches, hacks, solutions that can not have been intended by the developer, or any solution not available to a player of average skill do not count as "solutions" for the above points (but can be the subject of a video in their own right if they demonstrate something noteworthy beyond the solution itself)

Viewers should not be encouraged to "like" a video or "subscribe" to a channel. However displaying the URL of the wiki is encouraged, and can be name-checked in audio.

Captions may be used. They can be used to title a video, or to highlight something important within the vision. Captions should not be used as the primary communication medium (eg - if your video is explains vehicle play in text form, it is not acceptable). EXCEPT where this is Closed Captioning intended for (and complying with the normal standard required for) those with hearing difficulties.

Placement in articles[]

Video should generally be included in the Galleries section, unless there is a clear and overwhelming reason to use a different section.